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At-Home Skin Care Routine Improves Treatment Results

Do you have an at-home skin care routine? Did you know that it can actually improve and maintain the results you see from your professional dermatology and aesthetic treatments?

While most people know that it’s important to take care of their skin, not everyone realizes just how much of an impact their at-home routine can have on their overall skin health – and the results they see from professional treatments.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your skin treatments in our Indianapolis dermatology clinic, discuss your skin care routine with our team for recommendations for what you should be doing at home to improve and maintain your results.

The Importance of a Personalized Skin Care Routine

Everyone’s skin is unique and has its own set of needs. Developing a skin care routine tailored to you can be instrumental in maintaining healthy skin and decreasing the risks of skin conditions. It may seem like a lot of effort, but identifying the right skincare products, lifestyle habits, and treatments for your skin type will make it worth it in the end. The knowledgeable team at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center (LASSI) in Indianapolis offers tailored skincare solutions designed just for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help in creating the perfect skin care plan for you – we are more than happy to assist!

How Your At-Home Skin Care Routine Improves Dermatology Treatment Results

Forever Young BBL treatment IndianapolisTaking care of your skin at home is an important part of any successful skin treatment program. Taking the time to establish a skin care routine and revisiting it regularly can significantly improve skin health and keep conditions under better control, allowing for more dramatic and successful treatment results during your visits with us at The LASSI. To get the most out of your skincare efforts, it’s important to maintain consistent use of products that are specifically designed for your skin type, keeping in mind that even small changes can produce big improvements over time. Whether you’re undergoing HydraFacial, BBL, Morpheus8, and/or other high-quality dermatology treatments, a regular skin care routine developed with the help of our skincare experts can help ensure that you get the best possible result from your dermatology treatments.

What Products to Include

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be time-consuming or challenging. Creating an effective skin care routine can help ensure that you have balanced, healthy skin on a daily basis. The trick is to first select the best products for your needs and goals while healing and complementing the procedures you’re getting with us. Our team of licensed dermatology and aesthetic providers can help you select the best products and teach you how to apply them for the best results.

Tips for Improving Your At-Home Skin Care Routine

We know that skin care can be tricky, and it’s natural to often wonder if you’re doing the right things for your skin. While there are myriad skin care products out there, one of the most important routines to follow is catered to your skin’s individual needs. This means that creating an at-home skin care routine is essential for healthy skin. If you selected products on your own without the guidance of a licensed dermatologist or skin care expert, we recommend reviewing your skincare products with us and considering our advice for improving your regimen with medical-grade products that are clinically proven to enhance your results.

Schedule a Consultation in Indianapolis

At the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana (LASSI), we believe in empowering our patients with all of the knowledge they need to look after their skin, both in and out of the doctor’s office. Developing a good at-home skin care routine is an important part of keeping your skin looking its best long-term. We encourage you to use these tips to create a routine that works specifically for your skin type. Don’t forget that sunscreen, cleanser, and moisturizer are essential elements of a successful routine. If you still have questions or need more advice, please reach out to us for a consultation. We would be happy to guide you on this journey so that your skin can flourish and look its absolute best. Contact us today and let us help you perfect your routine!