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Xeomin for Cosmetic Anti-Aging

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Board-certified dermatologist Dr. C. William Hanke at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana was the lead investigator in the Xeomin clinical trial that resulted in FDA approval of Xeomin.

FDA approved in 2010, Xeomin has several cosmetic and medical uses. People frequently choose this injection when they seek an alternative to Botox for frown lines. To correctly pronounce its name, say “zee oh min.”

Why Choose Xeomin?

Xeomin helps reduce frown lines, wrinkles near your mouth or muscle bands on your neck. Patients who aren’t good candidates for Botox or Dysport will sometimes choose Xeomin to relax the facial muscles responsible for fine lines.

Why Choose the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Indiana for Xeomin?

In addition to Dr. Hanke’s role as lead investigator during the Xeomin clinical trials, the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana boasts impressive results and a high patient satisfaction rate. Due to our experience and credentials, choosing The LASSI over other Indiana dermatology practices or medical spas ensures that you’re in the best care with the lowest risks of complications.

What to Expect During a Xeomin Consultation

xeomin before and after
Individual results may vary from person to person.

It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete a thorough Xeomin consultation. A board-certified dermatologist will carefully assess your health to determine if this treatment is appropriate. To determine this, we will discuss your current and past health history, including:

  • prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • herbal supplements and vitamins
  • allergies and asthma

It’s important to provide all necessary information to your provider to ensure a safe procedure.

What to Expect During Your Xeomin Treatment

After our providers determine that you can safely receive Xeomin and that it is a good treatment option for you, we will then schedule your appointment, advising you of how to prepare for your treatment. This includes avoiding blood thinners like aspirin and alcoholic beverages. During your appointment, the process of administering Xeomin involves a few simple steps. A dermatologist will first numb the area to ensure comfort. This can be done using a topical anesthetic or even just ice. They will then use a fine gauge needle to inject the Xeomin into the affected areas. After treatment, we will schedule a follow-up visit with you to ensure positive results from treatment.

Xeomin FAQ

Cosmetic use of botulinum toxin is a controversial subject-matter in the eyes of the public and the media. However, Xeomin and its counterparts Botox and Dysport, are very safe and effective when in the hands of an experienced, board-certified dermatologist. Here are some common questions and answers about patient concerns with regard to treatment with Xeomin.

How does Xeomin work?

This product prevents nerve terminals from releasing choline. As a result, muscles don’t contract as much as they did beforehand. Relaxed muscles cause fewer wrinkles and spasms. They also gradually become smaller.

How is Xeomin administered?

xeomin results
Individual results may vary from person to person.

Your dermatologist will select a suitable amount of Xeomin to treat your specific condition. Next, he or she will inject it into one or more affected areas with a small syringe.

Who is a good candidate for Xeomin?

Adults may use Xeomin if they have creases on the skin near their lips or significant frown lines in between their eyebrows. Ideal candidates are in good health and aren’t taking any medications that will interact with the Xeomin treatment.

What are the ingredients?

The active ingredient in Xeomin is called botulinum toxin type A. Certain proteins have been removed from this substance in the process of manufacturing. Xeomin injections contain sucrose and human albumin as well. These ingredients don’t need refrigeration.

Are Xeomin injections painful?

Most people experience little discomfort when they undergo this treatment. However, a Xeomin injection could trigger swelling, minor bruising or fatigue.

Can anesthesia be used?

If desired, your dermatologist may apply anesthetic cream to your skin or use ice to numb the area. This will minimize the mild discomfort that a Xeomin injection causes.

How long does a Xeomin treatment take?

The office visit normally lasts less than 15 minutes. This estimate doesn’t include the initial consultation. An injection only takes a few seconds to administer.

When will I see results?

Patients often begin to see results within one week. Some people report improvement in as little as three days.

How long does Xeomin last?

Xeomin’s benefits generally remain in effect for three to six months after each injection. This varies, however, depending on the patient.

Is there any downtime?

Many patients return to their regular daily activities immediately after they receive Xeomin injections. Some dermatologists urge people to minimize physical activity until the following day. It’s also wise to avoid laying down for a couple of hours.  You will have some bruising and swelling at the injection site; however, this will subside within a few days.

Is Xeomin affordable?

In the United States, patients pay about $8 to $12 per unit. The right quantity varies depending on the needs of the patient. An average injection might cost around $250.

Who shouldn’t get Xeomin?

Don’t request this treatment if you have allergic reactions to botulinum toxins or any ingredient in the injection. When a person has a skin infection in the affected tissue, a doctor must treat the infection first. Be sure to tell your dermatologist about any other health problems you may have, especially if they involve breathing, swallowing or muscles.

What are the potential complications?

If you’re allergic to an ingredient in Xeomin, you could develop a rash, become dizzy or encounter breathing problems. Some people experience headaches or vision difficulties after receiving the injection. A few individuals develop more persistent side effects. They include severe muscle weakness, an inability to swallow and serious speech problems.

Where can I find before and after photos and testimonials?

We recommend visiting Xeomin’s official website for patient testimonials and before and after photos. Furthermore, we urge you to visit our wrinkle relaxer photo gallery to see results of patients who have received Xeomin and other botulinum toxin injections in our Indiana dermatology clinic.

Where can I get more information about Xeomin?

Is Xeomin the right treatment for you?  Find out by scheduling a consultation with our dermatology specialists at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana.  For more information about Xeomin, visit