The most common skin condition in the United States, acne is often one of the first conditions that patients present with when seeking dermatology care. Acne is more than just an aesthetic concern; it can also cause pain, inflammation, and infection that can spread, causing illness. It affects quality of life and self-esteem as well.

While most often considered a teen skin care issue, adult-onset acne can occur in patients who never had acne in childhood.

Do You Have Acne?

Before we can treat your acne, we must first evaluate and diagnose your acne. There are different types of acne requiring different types of care. Many people who seek treatment find that they don’t have acne; rather they have a different skin condition that requires a different set of remedies.

Skin Evaluation

During your first appointment at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana (LASSI), we will evaluate your skin to determine a diagnosis. Some things we will look at is if your breakouts, inflammation, and/or redness are indeed caused by acne or a different skin condition.

acne in indianapolis

We will also look at your health history, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and supplements, and any medical conditions you have. This will inform diagnosis and which treatments will be right for your needs.

Diagnosis and Treatment History

Once we determine that you have acne, we will also determine what type you may have. We will also discuss the products and treatments you’ve tried in the past and go over your current home skincare routine. We want to know if your home care products may be worsening your condition, which is often the case; many over-the-counter acne cleansers and treatments can worsen acne symptoms or cause oil production to increase.

Why Choose the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana?

Unlike many skin care clinics in Indianapolis, the LASSI is a dermatology clinic that provides both medical and aesthetic care for acne relief. Our team of medically-licensed dermatology providers and certified aestheticians is supervised by owner and board-certified dermatologic surgeon Dr. C. William Hanke.

In addition to providing patients with relief and improved skin quality, Dr. Hanke and our team of dermatology experts have led clinical research trials for acne and other skin conditions. Dr. Hanke is recognized as a leader in dermatology and has held numerous national leadership positions, including past president of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

As we are a dermatology clinic providing medical diagnosis and treatment, we also accept health insurance. Check your coverage with your insurance provider and call our office for more information on how your insurance can help pay for some of your appointments.

Solutions for Acne in Indianapolis at the LASSI

At the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana, we offer a wide range of prescriptions, products, and treatments to provide relief for our patients suffering from acne in Indianapolis.

acne in indianapolisThe treatment protocols we recommend will depend on your needs and may include one or more of the following:

  • prescription topicals
  • oral medications, such as antibiotics
  • light-based treatments
  • aesthetic treatments
  • at-home skin care products for acne relief

Acne Prescriptions

Prescriptions may include retinoid creams, isotretinoin, and/or antibiotics. A dermatologist determines which prescriptions are right for you based on:

  1. The kind of acne you have
  2. What treatments you’ve tried in the past
  3. How often you take antibiotics
  4. How recently you’ve taken antibiotics

Women who are pregnant or nursing also require special consideration when prescribing skin care solutions.

Light Treatments for Acne Relief

Sun exposure or UV lights do not help with acne. Instead, they expose you to UV damage which can lead to premature aging and skin cancer. However, there are safe light-based treatments that are proven to help with acne.

Forever Young BBL (Broadband Light)

For patients who require a more precise IPL treatment, Forever Young BBL could be the solution. Treatments are fast and the results are long-lasting. For every six IPL treatments, patients would typically require only three BBL treatments.

Acne Facials, Peels, and More

Our aestheticians at LASSI Skin, our aesthetics clinic, provide skin care services for all skin types and concerns. By seeing one of our aestheticians, you ensure that your care is managed under one roof, under the supervision of board-certified dermatologist Dr. C. William Hanke.

LASSI Skin offers a variety of treatments to help reduce and manage breakouts.

Acne Facial

Our specially formulated facial purifies, calms, and refines your skin with a deep pore cleanse using hand-selected, professional-grade products from Epionce and Jan Marini.

Acne Peel

This specially formulated peel is gentle enough to not cause irritation or inflammation, yet it’s powerful enough to reduce breakouts.

Blemish Injections

One of our treatment providers will inject cortisone into papules or cysts to quickly reduce the appearance of blemishes. This is more of an emergency treatment if you have a special event and need to look your best.


hydrafacial for acne before and after

*individual results will vary from person to person

The Hydrafacial all-in-one facial and peel system uses hydradermabrasion, a water-powered version of microdermabrasion, to flush out the pores and deliver powerful, professional-grade ingredients deep into the skin for faster healing and clearer skin. This helps clear pustules, cysts, and blackheads away while removing debris from the pores that can trap oil and pollutants, causing inflammation and breakouts.


Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation treatment that uses tiny crystals to remove dead skin cells to reveal fresher, brighter looking skin. This treatment also improves skin texture and improves collagen production.


Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, uses a series of very fine needles to penetrate the dermal layer. This triggers collagen production and other healing properties in the skin. It also allows us to deliver acne fighting and skin rejuvenating ingredients more deeply into the skin for improved results.  Once we’ve cleared your skin, microneedling can also be used for any scars that may remain.

Professional-Grade Skin Care Products for Home Care

In addition to any prescription remedies, we will likely recommend a new home care strategy. In order for your in-office treatments to be effective, your home care strategy must be tailored to your needs. While some over-the-counter products may help, many are not well formulated to effectively treat this skin condition. Several, in fact, provide temporary relief, only to stop working and flare up again or even worse than before.

Our dermatology providers and aestheticians will recommend trusted medical-grade skin care products that will cleanse and soothe, your skin while protecting it from sun damage. Sun protection is vital when receiving professional treatments at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana. Following your treatments, your skin is more exposed and sensitive to sun damage, increasing the damaging effects of UV rays. Always wear sunscreen.

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