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RHA Filler

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The popular Swiss injectable fillers from TEOXANE are now available in the United States through Revance Aesthetics. Introducing the RHA filler collection, resilient hyaluronic acid fillers designed for dynamic facial wrinkles and folds. In other words, RHA fillers adapt to your facial movements with a natural look.

Three Formulations, One Collection

The RHA filler collection contains three different formulations: RHA 2, RHA 3, and RHA 4.

RHA 2 and 3 offers results for moderate to severe wrinkles and folds such as nasolabial folds around the nose and mouth. These fillers are injected in the mid-to-deep dermis.

RHA 4 goes even deeper, into the subcutaneous tissue, to treat moderate to severe wrinkles and folds.

All three fillers work to reduce the appearance of dynamic folds and wrinkles without negatively impacting natural facial movement and expressions.

Why Choose the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Indiana for RHA Filler?

The Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana (LASSI) offers all hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, including RHA filler treatments, in our Indianapolis dermatology practice. Unlike many of our competitors, all of our injectable treatments are administered by Dr. C. William Hanke, medical director and board-certified dermatologist. Dr. Hanke is a leader in cosmetic injections, and our practice also serves as a clinical trials location for new cosmetic dermatology treatments.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

During your consultation, we will take a full health history, discuss your needs/goals, and examine the treatment area. If we determine that injectable fillers are right for you, we will proceed with scheduling your treatment. We will provide you with pre-treatment instructions and get you scheduled.

What to Expect During Your Treatment

When you come into the LASSI for your injectable treatment, we will first make you comfortable in one of our private treatment rooms. We will administer the filler in the treatment area using a fine gauge needle. Each syringe includes lidocaine for your comfort, and Dr. Hanke will check in with you routinely to ensure you’re comfortable through your procedure. Following your treatment, you will be given post-treatment instructions and a follow-up appointment to review your progress.

Common Questions About  Revance  RHA  Fillersrha filler box

It’s important to discuss treatments like dermal fillers with a board-certified dermatologic surgeon if you have questions. This is because every patient is different. We want you to be armed with accurate information about how filler treatments will work for you. Contact our staff with your questions and book a consultation with Dr. Hanke. In the meantime, we have answers to common questions below.

Are the RHA fillers safe? Are they FDA-approved?

Yes and yes! RHA fillers are considered safe for most adult patients and obtained FDA-approval for facial rejuvenation.

Where can I find RHA filler before and after photos and reviews?

When you come to our practice for a consultation, our team will share before and after photos with you. You may also see photos on the TEOXANE website.

How much do RHA fillers cost?

Treatment cost varies from person to person based on unique needs, treatment area, and the amount necessary to achieve the desired result. Please contact us for information and to book a personalized consultation to learn how much your treatment will cost.

What are the side effects of these new fillers?

As with most dermal fillers, the most common side-effects include some swelling and bruising at the injection site. This will subside after a few days. Serious side effects are rare and are often avoided by seeking treatment with a board-certified dermatologic surgeon. Most problems encountered by patients are due to inexperienced injector errors, not the filler itself.

Do Revance fillers contain lidocaine anesthetic for pain relief?

Yes. Like most other hyaluronic acid fillers, a small amount of lidocaine is included to ensure your comfort during injection. Topical numbing and ice may also be used for enhanced comfort. Discuss your options during your consultation.

Who can get RHA filler treatments? Who should avoid injectables?

Most healthy adults can safely receive injectable filler treatments. However, some people should avoid injectables or will need to adjust their routines prior to receiving injectable treatments. For example, women who are pregnant or nursing should not receive any anti-aging injectables. Certain medications can interact with dermal fillers or increase the risk of side effects. If you have certain medical conditions, like bleeding disorders, we may advise against treatment. Blood thinners should not be taken prior or following treatment. We will discuss your health history during your consultation to decide if injectables are right for you. Contact us for more information.

Where can I get more information about RHA Filler products?

The knowledgeable staff at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana can answer all of your questions about our RHA filler treatments, helping you determine if it’s right for you.  Contact our team today for a consultation.