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Cellulite Treatment

You diet. You exercise. You look amazing! But there’s one thing that exercise and dieting won’t correct: cellulite. We offer a few options for cellulite treatment in our Indianapolis dermatology practice, including collagen-building injectables, subcision, liposuction, and topicals.

Why choose the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana for your cellulite treatment?

The Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana and LASSI Skin are home to experts in dermatology, dermatologic surgery, and body contouring techniques. All of our treatments are carefully selected by our founder and board-certified dermatologic surgeon Dr. C. William Hanke, a leader in skin care, anti-aging, and fat reduction procedures and products. In addition to providing body contouring techniques in our Indianapolis dermatology practice, Dr. Hanke has contributed much to the medical community on the practices of body contouring and fat reduction. His contributions include:

  • Published studies on tumescent liposuction in peer-reviewed journals
  • Leading a clinical trial for Kybella, the first non-surgical double chin fat reduction treatment
  • Lectures at national and international dermatology conferences
  • Teaching other physicians on the use and applications of fat reduction techniques

With our amazing results and Dr. Hanke’s reputation in the medical community, the choice is clear for your cellulite treatments: the LASSI in Indianapolis.

What to Expect During Your Cellulite Evaluation

During your consultation, one of our providers will examine your problem areas to determine the cause of skin dimpling and lumps. We will also look at your medical history and overall health. All of this will help us assess which cellulite treatments make the most sense for your unique needs.

Cellulite Treatments in Indianapolis at the LASSI

At the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana, we offer a few different options for cellulite removal and reduction. Treatment recommendations depend on many factors, including your overall health and the extent of your cellulite. We will discuss your options during your consultation and examination. Every patient is different, so this step is important prior to booking a treatment.

Subcision for Cellulite Removal

Considered a minor surgery, subcision is performed by breaking apart fibrotic tissue beneath the skin. After administering local anesthetic to the treatment area, a special hypodermic needle is inserted into the skin to break apart the tough strands of fat responsible for skin dimpling.

Collagen Building Injectables for Smoother Skin

Injectable fillers often used for face and hand rejuvenation may also be used to smooth the appearance of cellulite. Radiesse and Sculptra are two specialized injectables which trigger gradual collagen growth to the treatment area, providing a smoother appearance to the skin.

Liposuction for Fat Reduction and Cellulite Treatment

Depending on the extent of your cellulite and your desire to sculpt the area and reduce unwanted fat, liposuction may be the right solution for you. With liposuction, we are able to break away fat cells and the tough strands which cause skin dimpling commonly known as cellulite.

Schedule Your First Appointment for Cellulite Treatment

Are you ready for smoother skin with fewer dimples? Schedule a consultation at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana today. Dr. C. William Hanke and our team of experienced dermatology specialists are available to help you love your new look.