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A new addition to the cosmetic treatment world, Evolus Jeuveau is formulated to improve the look of mild to deep frown lines that often develop between your eyebrows as you age. Jeuveau can also be used to treat the lines and creases that may appear on your forehead, around your eyes and near your mouth. It is even used to improve the appearance of wrinkles on the chin and around the neck. Compared to the likes of Botox, Dysport and Xeomin, Jeuveau offers another option when it comes to obtaining younger-looking skin.

Why Choose Evolus Jeuveau?

Once you’ve decided that it is time to fight the signs of aging, look into the benefits of Jeuveau. Like Botox, Jeuveau is an FDA-approved neurotoxin committed to aesthetics. The product is developed in a state-of-the-art facility, one that uses Hi-Pure technology. Since cosmetic products like Jeuveau are injected into the skin, it’s important for cosmetic dermatology companies to develop them using the highest safety standards. In the case of Jeuveau, this is done with Hi-Pure technology. Basically, the makers of Jeuveau takes a few more safety steps to develop this new injectable anti-aging treatment, now available in our Indianapolis dermatology practice.

Why Get Evolus Jeuveau at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Indiana?

Medical procedures always come with some risk, even aesthetic medical procedures. To decrease the chances of a negative outcome, be sure to seek treatment from a team of board-certified dermatologists with experience and training in cosmetic injectables and anti-aging dermatology. Make an appointment for Jeuveau at a clinic managed by a board-certified dermatologist. Led by board-certified dermatologic surgeon Dr. C. William Hanke, the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Indiana (the LASSI) offers natural-looking anti-aging results in a safe, accredited clinical environment. Our proven track record shows what you can expect from your treatment with Evolus Jeuveau in Indianapolis.

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*Individual results may vary from person to person

What to Expect During a Jeuveau Consultation

When you arrive at the LASSI for your consultation, plan to share your full medical history with our team to confirm that you are an ideal candidate for Jeuveau. We’ll ask you about:

  • Prescriptions that you are currently taking
  • Over-the-Counter supplements you have added to your diet
  • Current health, personal health history, and family history
  • All known allergies
  • Over-the-counter medications you take

Please be one hundred percent transparent with our team. It is to determine the safety and effectiveness of this injectable for you. If you cannot safely receive Jeuveau, or if the effectiveness of the treatment is likely diminished by your medications or health conditions, other treatments may be recommended instead.

During your consultation, you can expect to discuss:

  • possible side effects of treatment
  • ways to totally prevent bruising and bleeding
  • how long it is likely to take you to recover from the injection
  • necessary preparation prior to your appointment

What to Expect During Your Jeuveau Treatment

Like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, Jeuveau is an injectable substance that relaxes the muscles responsible for causing lines and wrinkles in the upper face. Once injected, Jeuveau reduces the appearance of fine lines, with results improving over several days.

Cosmetic injections generally take just a few minutes to administer, but you should plan for at least 30 minutes for each injection appointment. If requested, we can provide you with ice to numb the treatment area. Your dermatologist will insert the product into your skin and then muscles with a very fine needle, diminishing facial lines and wrinkles.


To ensure the best results, it’s important to follow all of our aftercare instructions. This includes avoiding alcoholic beverages and medications like NSAIDS that act as blood thinners (Motrin, for example).

evolus jeuveau indianapolis

*Individual results will vary from person to person.

Evolus Jeuveau Questions and Answers

As this is a new product, many people don’t have the answers they need to choose Jeuveau. To help, we have prepared a FAQ section below to guide you toward the answers to the questions you have about decreasing the signs of aging with Jeuveau.

How Does Jeuveau Work?

Like Botox, Jeuveau is made using a purified form of botulinum toxin, acting as a localized muscle relaxer. Once the substance is injected into your skin, it works to decrease the appearance of creases and lines that have developed due to age and facial expressions.

How Is Jeuveau Different From Botox, Dysport and Xeomin?

Evolus Jeuveau is different from Botox, Dysport and Xeomin in small ways. With Jeuveau, the cosmetic product uses the same toxin as the one used for Botox. This means that the products are highly interchangeable, but Jeuveau may be a better option. Choosing one cosmetic product over another depends on your unique needs and goals. Dr. Hanke will make recommendations as to which wrinkle relaxing injectable will work best for you. So while you may have come to see us for BOTOX, we may recommend Dysport, Xeomin, or Jeuveau. It all depends on your needs and goals.

How Is Jeuveau Administered?

During your appointment, Dr. Hanke will inject the product into the muscle responsible for creating lines and wrinkles. To maintain optimal results, treatment will be necessary approximately every three months. Your dosage amount may change from appointment to appointment, as most patients require fewer units over time.

What Areas Can Be Treated Using Jeuveau?

When studied, Jeuveau was found to effectively treat the glabellar lines, which are the lines that form between your eyebrows (11s). Your dermatologist can also use it to treat crow’s feet, forehead lines, and neck bands. Some off-label applications may also be available.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Jeuveau?

Any facial movement can lead to the development of wrinkles. When these signs of aging start to show up on your face, they can make you appear tired or angry. If this bothers you, you are likely a good candidate for Jeuveau or a similar treatment. The FDA-approved Jeuveau for cosmetic treatments in February 2019. This means that you can feel comfortable having an injection as long as you’re in good health and you haven’t experienced side effects from using a botulinum toxin product in the past.

What Is in Jeuveau?

Evolus Jeuveau is a cosmetic product developed from Prabotulinumtoxin A-xvfs, a substance that operates as an acetylcholine release inhibitor in addition to a neuromuscular-blocking agent. The substance is vacuum-dried, so it becomes a powder that your dermatologist will reconstitute to administer the injections. Every vial of Jeuveau includes 100 units of botulinum toxin type A neurotoxin complex, 0.5 mg of human serum albumin and 0.9 mg of sodium chloride.

Is Jeuveau Painful?

Most people compare this type of cosmetic treatment to receiving a tiny pinch or to what you would experience during an acupuncture session. Botulinum toxin injections are administered with very fine gauge needles. Ice may be used to improve your comfort prior to treatment.

How Long Does A Jeuveau Treatment Take?

In most cases, it takes us less than an hour to complete the full Jeuveau injection process. The actual injection takes about 10 minutes, but paperwork and preparation can add to the length of your appointment. On average, an appointment for a Jeuveau injection takes around 15 to 20 minutes. If fillers are also administered, treatment will take longer.

When Will I See Results?

As with other types of botulinum toxin injections, you may see an improvement in the signs of aging in as little as a few days. The final results of the cosmetic treatment, though, could take up to several weeks to materialize.

How Long Does Jeuveau Last?

Once injected, Jeuveau is a cosmetic product that often lasts for a few months. For many people, the results are still apparent after five months. Most people, however, experience the results of Jeuveau for approximately three months. The amount of time that a product like this lasts depends on the individual. Everyone has a different metabolism and muscle mass. Some people may experience a shorter duration because their muscle mass is high and because their body metabolizes the substance more quickly than others. The dose administered and treatment area also make a difference in longevity.

Is There Any Downtime?

Most patients return to normal activities immediately after treatment. You may have some bruising and swelling at the injection sight, which will fade over the course of 24-48 hours.

How Much Does Jeuveau Cost? Is It Affordable?

The cost of Jeuveau is similar to Botox, Xeomin and Dysport. The cost depends on the severity and the number of treatment areas. Before scheduling your cosmetic treatment, our team would be happy to discuss pricing and payment options.

Who Shouldn’t Get Jeuveau?

We don’t recommend getting Jeuveau if you’re allergic to botulinum toxin or any of the other substances that are in the cosmetic product. If you’re suffering from a skin infection, we advise you to wait until the infection has cleared. If you have nerve or muscle problems, you should discuss your condition with our team prior to scheduling a treatment. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also wait to have the procedure.

What Are the Potential Complications of Jeuveau?

Keep in mind that while some people have experienced side effects, they are extremely rare. Possible complications of Jeuveau include hypersensitivity, the spread of the toxin and difficulties breathing. Other side effects include back pain, headaches and muscle weakness in addition to arrhythmia, dizziness and nausea. Serious risks are very rare and are reduced when you trust your treatment to a board-certified dermatologic surgeon, get a full examination, and provide you full medical and health history.

Where Can I Look at Jeuveau Before and After Photos?

Since there have been clinical trials and individuals who have received Jeuveau injections successfully, you will encounter before and after pictures online. You can ask our team to see before and after photos when you come in for your treatment or consultation.

Where Can I Get More Information About Evolus Jeuveau?

The best way to learn more about Jeuveau is to schedule a consultation with us at the LASSI in Indianapolis. By assessing your treatment needs, we can recommend a good treatment plan for you. You can also find out more about Evolus Jeuveau at the official website.

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