dermatology indianapolisAt the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana, our dermatology professionals are second-to-none. With our unique training and certifications, you won’t find a more qualified staff of skin care experts anywhere in greater Indianapolis area.

Our team is led by board-certified dermatologist C. William Hanke MD, dermatologic surgeon and Mohs surgeon. In addition to being a practicing dermatologist here in Indianapolis, Indiana, Dr. Hanke is also a published researcher, lecturer and conducts clinical trials right here in our accredited facility.

With services ranging from basic aesthetics treatments like facials to high-quality laser skin treatments and skin cancer surgeries, we offer options for all skin care related ailments and cosmetic enhancements.

Contact us today for a consultation with dermatologist C. William Hanke MD and our team, and be sure to check out our before and after galleries to see real results we’ve provided to patients right here in our Indiana dermatology clinic.

Healthy-looking skin is a sign of overall health and beauty.
Our experienced, licensed aestheticians are dedicated to providing the highest quality skin care in a medical dermatology setting, under the supervision of an internationally recognized, Board-Certified Dermatologist.   Read more

BOTOX ® Cosmetic is the most commonly performed aesthetic procedure worldwide and in our practice. BOTOX relaxes facial muscles thereby reducing the tension on the skin that occurs with aging.  Read more

At the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana, we offer an array of cosmetic procedures to help your skin look and feel its best. Cosmetic dermatology procedures were developed to make the skin look and feel more youthful. Read more

The Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana includes a first-class dermatology research department.

We have participated in various clinical trials for many years. Our research efforts are industry sponsored and approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Independent Review Boards (IRB) to ensure patient safety and informed consent. We have the on-site capability and experienced research staff to assist pharmaceutical companies and the FDA in conducting Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV trials pertinent to dermatologic and cosmetic conditions. Read more

A child born with a vascular birthmark (port wine stain, strawberry hemangioma) may seek treatment to reduce the pigmentation of their birthmarks. Adults who have never had treatment on a vascular birthmark will see noticeable improvement after a series of laser treatments. Patients who have linear blood vessels on the nose or face may benefit from laser treatments. Read more

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a highly specialized procedure for the total removal of skin cancer, in which the microscope is used to determine the extent of the tumor and its location.In the early 1940s, Dr. Frederic Mohs, Professor of Surgery at the University of Wisconsin, developed a form of treatment for skin cancer, which he called chemosurgery. (The word “chemosurgery” is derived from the words “chemical” and “surgery.”) The technique has undergone many refinements and came to be known as “Mohs Surgery” in honor of Dr. Mohs. Chemicals are no longer used. The term “Mohs Micrographic Surgery” was first published by Dr. Hanke in 1985 to indicate the tissue mapping (“graphic”) and specialized microscopic examination (“micro”) that are done. The shortened term Mohs Surgery is often used. Read more

Additional Skin Cancer Treatments
Our goal is always excellence in patient care, satisfaction, and safety.If you ever have questions, please ask any member of our staff. Our facility is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. Through this accreditation, you are assured that our facility adopts best practices in health care and complies with nationally-recognized standards of health care. Read more

The tumescent technique of liposuction under local anesthesia was developed by a dermatologist in California. Many clinical studies have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of this technique. The risks and complications of general anesthesia can be totally avoided using the tumescent technique. Read more

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