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CoolSculpting for Men

Women aren’t alone in the quest for a healthy-looking physique. There are many men who work hard to feel confident and attractive. While it’s true that cosmetic procedures like CoolSculpting are usually sought out by women, there has been a recent rise in the number of men who opt for noninvasive treatments for stubborn areas of fat. CoolSculpting for men has quickly become one of the most popular procedures because it’s quick, easy, and results-focused.

CoolSculpting for Men in Indianapolis

FDA-approved CoolSculpting for men is non-surgical and does not require needles, supplements, or special diets to achieve great results. Instead, CoolSculpting relies on a process of freezing fat cells, which then allows the body to eliminate them naturally with no downtime. There are no catches or gimmicks; it’s really that simple.

CoolSculpting in Indianapolis utilizes a process called cryolipolysis, which only affects unwanted fat cells and does not damage the surrounding skin or tissues at all. This is because fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures than other cells in the body, so they are the only ones affected by the precise cooling process in CoolSculpting.

Once the cold has killed off your fat cells, your body will treat them as waste products and naturally flush them out just like any other waste. This means that they are gone for good, and you will be able to maintain a sleeker, sexier figure. However, you should be sure to remember that it’s possible to gain weight again if you do not stick to a healthy lifestyle, as your remaining fat cells can still expand.

It’s important to note that the results of CoolSculpting takes several weeks to fully develop. This is because it takes time for the crystallized fat cells to be fully eliminated from your body. The process helps make your transition into a slimmer, more defined physique appear natural.

Abdominal CoolSculpting for Men

The belly is one of the most common areas of fat storage for men. It’s also the area that is generally most resistant to diet and exercise. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to get the lean, “washboard abs” look that so many men strive for.

It’s possible to utilize treatments like liposuction to remove these pockets of fat, but CoolSculpting for men has a few advantages that make it the preferred choice.

For starters, the process is completely noninvasive. Secondly, CoolSculpting is a gradual process for men and women. Because the frozen fat cells are eliminated over a period of weeks, it doesn’t look like you’ve had a cosmetic procedure. Finally, there is no major time commitment involved with CoolSculpting. There is little to no preparation that needs to be completed, and the treatment itself is quick. You can go straight back to the office afterward.

CoolSculpting for Obliques

The obliques, or “love handles,” are another trouble area for a lot of men. Even men who consistently work out may find that they have trouble getting rid of the small pockets of fat on their obliques.

Flank fat can cause unsightly bulges under form-fitting shirts, especially if they poke over the top of the pants. CoolSculpting for men is not a miracle treatment to eliminate serious love handles, but it can provide a dramatic improvement in body contour for men who are already in pretty good shape. The size of your love handles could be significantly reduced.

CoolSculpting for Back Fat

A chiseled, well-defined back is highly sought after by men who take pride in their appearance. Unfortunately, even if you have a considerable amount of muscle there, it’s possible to fall just short of the “chiseled” look because of a thin layer of stubborn fat.

Fortunately, it is possible to get a CoolSculpting treatment that can cover large areas such as the back without having to undergo a long series of sessions. The process can help you achieve a more toned look for your back.

Other Popular Treatments Areas Using CoolSculpting for Men

Aside from the popular treatments listed above, CoolSculpting for men is approved to treat many other spots on the body where stubborn pockets of fat may often be found.

Other areas that CoolSculpting for men can treat include the following:

coolsculpting for men double chin reduction
*Individual results will vary from person to person.
  • Double chin
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • “Banana rolls” below buttocks
  • Upper arms

Can CoolSculpting Treat Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia, which is more commonly referred to as “man breasts,” is an extremely embarrassing medical condition that many men suffer from. There are quite a few things that can cause this issue, so it’s always extremely important for men of any age to speak with a trusted doctor about their condition before attempting any kind of treatment methods on their own.

In essence, gynecomastia is when male breast tissue becomes enlarged or swollen. It can be caused by issues such as puberty, age-related hormonal shifts, medical conditions, and certain medications.

While many people think of “man breasts” as a condition that only affects guys who are seriously overweight, the truth is that men who are in good physical shape can sometimes experience this problem. There are even some workout supplements and hormone therapies that can inadvertently cause male breast enlargement.

CoolSculpting for men with gynecomastia is only effective if the tissue is enlarged because of fat deposits. This is often not the case, and gynecomastia usually requires cosmetic surgery to address breast tissue and fat deposits. However, if you have a little fat causing some chest portrusion that makes you uncomfortable, liposuction will likely be recommended. Please discuss your options with Dr. Hanke during a consultation.

Schedule a CoolSculpting Consultation in Indianapolis at the LASSI

At the LASSI, we understand that men can be under just as much pressure as women to maintain a certain level of physical fitness and attractiveness. We also know that sometimes, despite your best efforts of diet and exercise, there can be trouble spots that stubbornly refuse to smooth over. In many cases, CoolSculpting for men is the perfect solution for tackling those last few unwanted pounds that are standing in the way of your aesthetic goals.

When you come to the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana, Dr. William Hanke and his team of friendly, professional aestheticians will make your happiness their top priority. Dr. Hanke is a renowned expert in the world of cosmetic procedures, and he has decades of experience in helping clients achieve their personal goals. Our practice is a member of professional organizations like the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and the Skin Cancer Foundation.

If you are interested in finding out if CoolSculpting for men is the right procedure for you, don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone, fax, or the simple contact form located on our website. We also welcome clients to stop by our office and meet with our staff to schedule a consultation at their convenience.

We believe in the saying “work smarter, not harder.” If you’re already on track with a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and plenty of exercise but you’re still falling short of your goal physique, don’t push yourself too hard. A CoolSculpting treatment might be just what you need to cross that finish line and enjoy the fruits of your labor.