How to Find the Best Botox in Indianapolis

How to Find the Best Botox in Indianapolis

Do you want to soften the first signs of forehead lines? Or do you wish to reduce the appearance of extended crow’s feet, frown lines, and bunny lines? You have likely considered Botox Cosmetic as a safe, proven, FDA-approved treatment. While Botox is proven to be a safe anti-aging treatment, every procedure is only as good as the provider administering it. Therefore, it is important to be selective, even picky, on who you trust to administer Botox and similar injectables. With so many providers ranging in cost and experience, how do you choose the best Botox in Indianapolis?

Choosing a Provider for the Best Botox in Indianapolis

We recommend that you select a Botox provider the same way you would choose a doctor to help you with a serious health problem. While Botox is considered a cosmetic anti-aging treatment, it is still a medical procedure that:

  • requires a medical evaluation/consultation
  • is available by prescription only
  • is regulated by the medical boards and FDA
  • involves facial injection using a fine gauge needle
  • requires medical training and knowledge of facial anatomy, muscle structure and function
  • can give patients side-effects, including severe risks in the hands of the wrong provider

To make sure you get the best Botox in Indianapolis, you must be very selective about whom  you trust to administer the injections. To do this, we recommend the following:

Referrals Help You Find the Best Providers

When you pick a Botox provider based on the recommendation of someone you trust, you are more likely to get good results with less risk of side effects.

Know and Understand the Law

Every state has laws that dictate who can and cannot inject Botox. That being said, some states allow aestheticians to inject Botox and dermal fillers. The medical community largely rejects this, as aestheticians are not trained in facial anatomy and medicine. While it’s important to know the laws in your state, it’s also important to be selective based on medical evidence.

In practices where aestheticians administer injectables, the risks are significantly higher. For this reason, we recommend seeing only experienced physicians, preferably board-certified dermatologic surgeons. Why choose dermatologic surgeons? Quite simply, dermatologic surgeons are experts in skin care, skin surgery, and facial anatomy. Many lead clinical trials for Botox and similar treatments as well.

Check the Medical Boards to Find the Best Botox Providers

It’s important to verify your provider’s credentials. Instances reported in the media have shown that criminals will fake medical credentials and provide cosmetic treatments. An unlicensed individual wielding a syringe of Botox is very dangerous. In fact, it’s often not Botox in the syringe, but a counterfeit material that is not sterile and not safe to inject. As a result, fraudulent Botox injectors have permanently injured, scarred, and even killed patients. Please, do your research. Your health depends on it.

Search for Online Reviews for the Best Botox in Indianapolis

Many times, reviews online can tell you a lot about a provider. This is particularly true if you see a pattern in negative reviews. If you see several negative reviews that describe botched results or serious side effects, you may want to consider going elsewhere.

best botox in indianapolis

*Individual results will vary from person to person.

Botox Before and After Photos Speak Volumes

You can often find before and after photos of patients a dermatologic surgeon has treated with Botox in their practice. However, if you really like a Botox provider and schedule a consultation, you will likely be able to view more before and after photos of patients who agreed to have their photos shared internally, but not online. If you don’t see a lot of Botox before and after photos on the website, ask if more photos are available in the office for your review.

The Best Botox in Indianapolis is Not Cheap

Choosing a provider based on cost alone is often a recipe for bad results. The lowest costs are often offered by inexperienced providers. Some will even water down their product. Always ask yourself, “If the cost is this low, where are they cutting corners?” That’s a scary thought. Choose a Botox provider based on value, not cost, for the best Botox in Indianapolis and across the country.

The Case for Seeing a Board-Certified Dermatologic Surgeon

A board-certified dermatologic surgeon is a trained expert in facial anatomy, muscular behavior, aging, and skin. They can determine quickly and effectively if you are a good candidate for Botox and can safely receive treatment based on your:

  • medical history, including prescriptions, over-the-counter remedies, and supplements
  • skin condition, such as infections, that can increase risks
  • unique facial muscle behavior, which allows them to inject in alternative ways if necessary to ensure you have good results

Without this knowledge and training, a provider can easily harm a patient or create unflattering results.

With a board-certified dermatologic surgeon, you can be assured that your procedure is administered in a safe, clinical environment. At the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana (LASSI), Dr. C. William Hanke administers all Botox and dermal filler treatments personally.

Are You a Good Candidate for Botox Treatments?

This is another reason to see a board-certified dermatologic surgeon. Not everyone is a good candidate for Botox treatment. In some cases, Dysport or Xeomin (two Botox alternatives) may be used; but some patients cannot safely receive any wrinkle relaxing injectables. In these cases, it’s important that you are evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist who knows what to look for in your health and medical histories.

Why Choose the LASSI for Botox in Indianapolis?

The Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana (LASSI) is a licensed dermatology practice offering:

Founder and medical director Dr. C. William Hanke is a board-certified dermatologic surgeon who, in addition to providing treatments to patients at the LASSI, lectures and instructs around the world to other dermatologists and physicians. He is respected by his peers in dermatology, dermatologic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and Mohs micrographic surgery for skin cancer removal.

When you come to the LASSI, Dr. Hanke will personally administer your Botox treatments. 

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