Comprised of over 20,500 physicians around the world, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) is the largest dermatologic association. The Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana (LASSI) enjoys a longstanding professional relationship with the AAD.

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The AAD as a body of board-certified dermatologists is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of the hair, skin, and nails through medical, surgical, and cosmetic procedures. Clinical practice care, physician and patient education, and ongoing clinical research standards are also integral to the mission of the AAD.

American Academy of Dermatology Public Health Programs

Through public health initiatives, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) offers:

  • Skin Cancer Awareness Education
  • Free Skin Cancer Screenings
  • Educational Resources for Kids
  • Shade Structure Grants
  • Fundraising Campaigns

Working alongside board-certified dermatologists, the AAD offers resources to clinics and the public to improve skin, hair, and nail health.

The LASSI’s Role With the American Academy of Dermatology

Dr. C. William Hanke, founder of the LASSI and board-certified dermatologist, has been recognized by AAD throughout his career. These include:

  • Fellowship
  • Past President
  • The Gold Medal recipient

Dr. Hanke has also served on the editorial board for the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Skin Cancer Awareness: SPOT Skin Cancer Campaign

One in five Americans will develop some form of skin cancer during their lifetimes, making it the most common form of cancer. With the help of a board-certified dermatologist and the AAD, skin cancer is also the easiest to diagnose early and treat. The AAD’s public education programs, combined with their support for local dermatology offices, ensures that patients include sun protection in their everyday skin care while encouraging an increase in routine skin checks.

Cosmetic Dermatology and Safety

With increased demand for cosmetic dermatology treatments, the AAD offers educational resources related to available FDA-approved procedures and safety considerations. By educating the public about cosmetic dermatology services, patients like you are better prepared to select the right board-certified dermatologist for your cosmetic hair and skin treatments.

Where to Learn More

To find out more about the American Academy of Dermatology, their programs, and why you should choose a board-certified dermatologist for your medical and cosmetic dermatologic needs, visit their website at

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