The Problem With Pimple Popping

The Problem With Pimple Popping

Pimple popping is so tempting! The satisfying release of pressure and fluid, from an itch or pain. But it’s short term reward in exchange for long-term problems. Popping your own zits has many risks – including scarring, infection, and worst of all, leaving behind bacteria deep under your skin where it can’t be reached with topical treatments. This blog post will discuss the consequences of popping pimples at home and what to do instead.

So what are the risks of pimple popping at home?

  • Infection: Pimple popping can introduce bacteria into the open wound, leading to infection. This is especially a problem if you have acne, as this skin condition already puts you at risk for infection.
  • Scarring: Pimple popping can lead to permanent scarring, appearing as darkened spots or affecting skin texture with bumps and dips in your skin.
  • Spreading: Pimple popping can cause acne to spread, leaving you with a larger outbreak than before! Best case scenario? Your pimple will be bigger than it was when you first popped it.

What should I do if I have a pimple?

Don’t pop it! If possible, visit your dermatologist for help in getting rid of the pimple – they may be able to extract it or inject a steroid to reduce swelling without scarring your skin.

If you are unable to visit a dermatologist, use a pimple cream or gel until it goes away. Continue cleansing and moisturizing as usual, and be sure to wear sunscreen.

One pimple isn’t the end of the world. Everyone gets them, even the skin care experts. Resist the urge to pop and instead wait it out.

If you start to see pimples with regularity, or you see several which cause inflammation, pain, or you’re just tired of seeing them so much, book an appointment with a dermatologist. You may need new skin care products; you may also benefit from routine facials and peels to keep the breakouts at bay.

How we help in our Indianapolis dermatology practice

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Whether it’s a pimple here and there or a severe cystic acne breakout, our team of dermatology and aesthetic providers can help with routine facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and light treatments. These keep your pores clear, introduce nutrient-rich ingredients to maintain healthy skin, and reduce the occurrence of breakouts.

One of our most popular treatments is the HydraFacial, an all-in-one skin system that cleanses, extracts, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin. It’s customizable for your skin needs and aesthetic goals. It’s one of our favorite skin treatments!

We also work with you to develop the right at-home skin care routine. If you aren’t using the right products at home, your skin will suffer. We’ll walk you through a step-by-step morning and evening routine and recommend high-quality skin care products that will help keep your skin clear and healthy.

In more severe cases, our dermatology providers will prescribe topical and oral medications, like antibiotics and retinoids, to treat acne.

Finally, for those “emergency” situations, such as a sudden large pimple right before a major event, we can offer you blemish injections to quickly diminish the appearance of bumps.

We’re here to help you look your best and feel great about how you look!

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