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restylane refyne indianapolis

As we age, our skin slowly but surely starts losing elasticity. The natural slowdown in the production of crucial components like elastin and collagen often ages us beyond our years, causing lines, wrinkles and folds to develop. This phenomenon tends to be particularly noticeable around the mouth where marionette lines and nasolabial folds appear. If you are unhappy with your appearance because of moderate to severe facial wrinkles, lines and folds, and you would like to avoid plastic surgery, it’s time to discover Restylane Refyne. Featuring Galderma’s proprietary XpresHAn Technology, this next-generation hyaluronic dermal filler has quickly become one of the most popular ways to address laugh lines and other facial signs of aging.

Primary Uses for Restylane Refyne

Restylane Refyne, one of the newest additions to the Restylane family of dermal fillers, is used to smooth and soften folds, lines, and wrinkles on the face, particularly around the mouth and nose. Its uniquely formulated hyaluronic gel is exceptionally flexible while providing subtle yet reliable support. This makes it perfect for addressing marionette lines, which are lines that extend from the mouth to the jaw, and nasolabial folds, which extend from the nose to the mouth. Its flexible consistency allows for effective contouring, ensuring natural results that won’t affect your ability to make normal facial expressions.

Why Choose the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana for Restylane Refyne?

FDA-approved Restylane Refyne provides results that last for up to 12 months. As effective as this hyaluronic acid dermal filler is, the quality of the results largely depends on the skill and expertise of whoever administers it. With this in mind, it is crucial to work with a skilled and experienced dermatologic surgeon. In Indiana, Dr. C. William Hanke and the team at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana are professionals you can trust. We have participated in original clinical trials for BOTOX, Kybella, and Restylane and our practice has been in business since 1997.

What to Expect During Your Consultation for Restylane Refyne

During your consultation, a board-certified dermatologic surgeon will assess the areas of concern that you have identified to see if you would benefit from Restylane Refyne treatments. A complete medical history will be taken. You will also be educated regarding the potential side effects and contraindications of this treatment. By the end of the consultation, you will have a game plan in place for addressing nasolabial folds, marionette lines and other issues.

What to Expect During a Restylane Refyne Treatment

Restylane Refyne treatments typically take 30 to 45 minutes. First, the treatment area is thoroughly cleaned and then prepped with alcohol or another antiseptic. Because Restylane Refyne contains small amounts of lidocaine, additional anesthesia is typically not required. However, a small amount of topical anesthesia may also be used. Restylane Refyne is administered using a tiny, blunt-tipped canula. The cannula is initially inserted to allow the lidocaine to take effect and then injected the rest of the way. This process is repeated until the treatment area has been properly addressed. The dermatologic surgeon may then massage the area to mold it to the contour of the surrounding tissue, ensuring even, natural-looking distribution.

Restylane Refyne FAQ

restylane refyne indianapolis

Contrary to what you may believe, plastic surgery is far from the only option when it comes to addressing facial wrinkles, lines and folds. If you are self-conscious about nasolabial folds, marionette lines and other wrinkles around the mouth and nose, Restylane Refyne may be the answer. Although Restylane Refyne is FDA approved and proven to be safe in clinical trials, it isn’t right for everyone. Educate yourself about this popular hyaluronic acid dermal filler by referring to the convenient FAQ below.

How does Restylane Refyne work?

Restylane Refyne is an injectable dermal filler featuring a proprietary hyaluronic acid formula. Galderma, the manufacturer of Restylane Refyne, uses its patented XpresHAn Technology to create a gel-like solution with a smooth, flexible and subtly supportive consistency. The special degree of cross-linking between the hyaluronic acid particles allows this filler to effectively address moderate to severe nasolabial folds and marionette lines. In addition to effectively filling in areas where elastin and collagen have depleted, this filler may be contoured to match the surrounding tissue, which produces more natural-looking results.


How is Restylane Refyne administered?

This FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler is administered using tiny, blunt-tipped cannulas. For best results, Restylane Refyne should be administered by an experienced and skilled dermatologic surgeon. This filler contains a small amount of lidocaine, but a topical anesthesia may be applied prior to treatment. After the treatment site has been cleaned using antiseptic, the dermatologic surgeon administers a series of injections based on the findings from the initial consultation. The surgeon may then gently massage the treatment area to mold the gel to conform to the natural contours of the surrounding tissue.

Who is a good candidate for Restylane Refyne?

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Individual results may vary from person to person.

Restylane Refyne is intended for adults ages 21 and over. It is designed for people who are unhappy with their appearance due to the development of nasolabial folds, marionette lines and other wrinkles on the face. While clinical trials have shown that this is a very safe dermal filler, people who have severe allergies or who have a history of anaphylaxis should not undergo Restylane Refyne treatments. If you are allergic to gram-positive bacterial proteins or lidocaine, this treatment should be avoided.

What are the ingredients?

The primary active ingredient in Restylane Refyne is hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is found in a wide array of popular injectable dermal fillers, but it has been formulated by the manufacturer, Galderma, to specifically address marionette lines and nasolabial folds. Using its proprietary XpresHAn, which is pronounced “expression,” technology, Galderma has created a dermal filler that boasts unique cross-linking characteristics. This means that the hyaluronic acid particles link together in a myriad of ways to produce a gel-like solution that is capable of providing subtle support while still being remarkably flexible and easy to contour.

Is Restylane Refyne painful? Can anesthesia be used?

Like other Restylane fillers, Restylane Refyne contains a small amount of lidocaine, which is a type of local anesthesia. When the tiny cannula initially enters the skin, the lidocaine goes to work to numb the area. Subsequently, most people experience minimal or no discomfort. If so desired, a topical anesthesia may be applied as well.

How long does a Restylane Refyne treatment take?

The length of time that is needed to complete a Restylane Refyne treatment depends on the nature of the issues that are being addressed. This is typically determined during the initial consultation. Most treatments take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. This includes the time that is needed to prep that treatment area as well as the massaging and contouring that may be conducted after the injections have been made. People generally come in for their treatments and walk right back out within the hour, which is another reason for the skyrocketing popularity of this treatment.

How long does it take to see results?

In most cases, results from Restylane Refyne injections are practically instantaneous. However, individuals who experience swelling may not be able to discern their results until the swelling has subsided. After the injections have been made, the dermatologic surgeon may sometimes massage the treatment site to enhance the results, which includes molding the hyaluronic acid gel so that it matches the natural contours of surrounding tissue.

How long do results last?

Extensive and thorough clinical studies have been performed to test the effectiveness and longevity of Restylane Refyne treatments. According to the results of these studies, this dermal filler produces results that last as long as one year. In the study, 90.6 percent of participants were still satisfied with their results at week 12. At week 24, 78.8 percent of participants were still satisfied. The satisfaction rate at week 36 was 78 percent. By week 48, 62.3 percent of participants were still satisfied with the results of their Restylane Refyne treatments. It should be noted that some individuals require additional treatments after their initial visit to achieve the desired results.

Is there any downtime?

Restylane Refyne treatments are administered on an outpatient basis. Most people are able to walk right out of the office right after receiving these injections. Immediately after treatment, there may occasionally be swelling, redness, lumps and bumps, itching, and tenderness, or bruising at the treatment site. This typically subsides within a day or two. You should avoid exposure to sunshine and heat during the first 24 hours, and you should avoid strenuous exercise during the first day as well. To address swelling, ice may be applied to the affected area.

How much does Restylane Refyne cost?

The cost of Restylane Refyne treatments varies depending on how much material is needed to produce the desired results. The more material that is required, the more this procedure typically costs. Given that results from this treatment last for up to one year, however, most people find it to be a very worthwhile investment. The improvement to your self-esteem and self-confidence is an intangible benefit that goes along with undergoing these treatments. For specific pricing information regarding this treatment, please contact the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana.

Who shouldn’t get a Restylane Refyne treatment?

For the most part, any adult who is aged 21 or over and who is concerned about lines, wrinkles and folds around their mouth and nose can safely undergo Restylane Refyne treatments. As with any type of procedure, however, there are exceptions. If you have an active skin disease, for example, you should wait for it to clear up before undergoing this procedure. If you are allergic to lidocaine or gram-positive bacterial proteins, you should avoid Restylane Refyne. This treatment is also not recommended for people who suffer from severe allergies or who have a history of anaphylaxis.

Are there any potential complications?

Side effects from Restylane Refyne treatments are mild and usually subside within one to two days. These side effects may include itchiness, redness, tenderness, swelling and bruising at the treatment site. Bumps and lumps may also temporarily develop at or near the treatment site. Serious complications are rare and most often avoided when seeing a board-certified dermatologic surgeon to ensure the best results. If injections are not administered properly, damage to the blood vessels may occur. Similarly, if the correct protocols aren’t followed, there is a higher risk of infection. These risks are greatly reduced by having Restylane Refyne treatments administered by a board-certified dermatologic surgeon.

Where can I find Restylane Refyne before and after photos and testimonials?

restylane defyne restylane refyne

Individual results may vary from person to person.

Restylane Refyne has been approved for use in Europe since 2010 and FDA approved since 2016, so before and after photos and testimonials are readily available online. The manufacturer, Galderma, has before and after videos and photos available on its official Restylane Refyne website. Dermatologic surgeons who provide Restylane Refyne treatments usually maintain portfolios of before and after photos and testimonials, so be sure to ask during your consultation.

Where can I get more information about Restylane Refyne?

Information regarding Restylane Refyne, including directions for use from the manufacturer, is available on the official website for Restylane Refyne and other Restylane fillers. However, the best place to get in-depth information about this popular hyaluronic acid dermal filler is from the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana. Dr. C. William Hanke and our team will educate you about how this product works, and they can tell you whether you are a suitable candidate for these treatments.

If you are interested in Restylane Refyne near Indianapolis, get more information by contacting the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our board-certified dermatologic surgeon.

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