blu-u for acne

The BLU-U photodynamic therapy device uses a special blue light, which reduces oil production and destroys the P. acnes bacteria in the skin. Acne elimination requires several sessions. However, the treatment is fast and safe, and performed by our aestheticians at LASSI Skin.

Introduction to BLU-U Light Therapy & FAQs

BLU-U is not a laser treatment. The light is fluorescent, and there are no UV beams involved. This therapy can be used with only the light for acne or in combination with topical drugs to treat other skin issues such as actinic damage or precancerous areas. Patients use BLU-U to relieve discomfort associated with chronic acne and to enjoy clear skin.

Pros And Cons Of BLU-U Light Therapy For Acne

There are many benefits to choosing Blu-U treatments to treat your acne or supplement other treatments.

BLU-U is a noninvasive treatment that is both painless and effective. The treatment does not leave behind any scarring, providing a wonderful cosmetic result to patients.  Blu-U also provides the added benefit of minimizing pore size to prevent future congestion. Finally, BLU-U therapy is FDA approved, making this a safe treatment for most patients.

No treatment protocol is perfect for everyone, however.  The treatment may involve bi-weekly visit commitments for the first several sessions for patients to see the full benefit of Blu-U. This can be difficult for many patients to commit to.  Blu-U is often more costly than topical prescriptions for acne as well, due to the frequency of treatments.  Insurance does not typically cover Blu-U treatments for acne, but our staff will work with you to check on your coverage.

Why Get Blu-U For Acne At The Laser And Skin Surgery Center?

Dr. C. William Hanke, board-certified dermatologist, oversees all of our staff and the treatments they provide to patients with chronic skin conditions. Dr. Hanke’s extensive training and experience make him one of the most celebrated dermatologists in Indiana. Our patients are in caring and capable hands with Dr. Hanke and our team of well-trained skin care professionals.

How Does BLU-U Light Therapy Work?

blu-u for acne

Fluorescent blue light penetrates the skin over a scattered area of the face. Since the epidermis is thinner than the light’s reach, the light penetrates it completely with its depth capability of 2 millimeters. The microprocessor in the machine adjusts the light dosage automatically during treatment sessions for optimal results.

How Is BLU-U Administered?

The treatment is administered by a dermatologist or skin care professional. BLU-U is administered directly in front of the face with rows of U-shaped bulbs, which are spaced appropriately in a U-shaped machine.  Patients may sit facing the light or lie down with the lights placed above their faces, whichever is most comfortable.  Patients also wear eye protection throughout the duration of treatment.

Who Is A Candidate For BLU-U?

Most people can safely have Blu-U photodynamic therapy. However, you should provide our team with a full medical background and inform us if you have any light sensitivities prior to treatment.

Is BLU-U Therapy Painful?  Can Anesthesia Be Used?

BLU-U is not painful. The bare light may seem very bright, but eye protection can help reduce the intensity.  Anesthesia is not administered since it is a painless procedure.

How Long Does The BLU-U Procedure Take?

Although multiple sessions are required, each session takes approximately 30 minutes.

How Long Does It Take To See Results With BLU-U For Acne?

Partial results may be noticeable after the first several treatments. However, clearer skin is noticeable after the initial treatment regimen, which is between four and eight sessions.

How Long Does BLU-U Therapy’s Results Last?

For acne, the initial regimen (4-8 biweekly sessions) is essential and must be attended as scheduled for you to have optimal results. Additional maintenance treatments are needed either once or twice per year.

Is There Any Downtime With BLU-U Therapy?

There is normally no downtime with this treatment. Patients can return to most of their daily activities, and they can apply makeup afterward. However, it is important to avoid sun exposure without a strong sunscreen for 48 hours after each treatment. Facial contact with hairspray, abrasive scrubs and harsh substances should be avoided during that time period as well.

What Is The Average BLU-U Light Treatment Cost?

Sessions typically cost about $50 or more each.

Who Should Not Use BLU-U Therapy?

People with skin sensitivity to blue light, people with lupus and people with porphyria should not use this treatment.  Otherwise, most people tolerate this treatment very well.  We will discuss your health history prior to treatment to ensure you aren’t currently taking any medications or supplements that will cause interaction with Blu-U light.

What Are The Potential Complications?

There are no common complications. However, people with any of the conditions listed above may experience complications if they do not alert our staff of their health concerns prior to treatment.  It’s very important to provide us with a full health history before receiving any treatments in our practice.

Where Can I Find Before And After Photos?

The best way to see photos is to view our gallery. Photos are also available at the BLU-U official website. Also, is a good place to read plenty of unbiased BLU-U acne treatment reviews as well.

Where Can I Get More Information About BLU-U Light Therapy For Acne?

To learn more about this therapy, please contact us for a consultation. During this time, we will go over your medical history and answer your questions to set up a personalized acne treatment plan.

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