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Natural-Looking Lip Enhancement

Whether your lips are thinning as you age, or you’ve always had thin or asymmetrical lips, non-surgical lip enhancement with fillers can be a natural-looking solution for you. Among the many dermal filler options available in Indianapolis, Restylane Silk and Juvederm Volbella are two newer hyaluronic acid fillers specifically indicated for lip enhancement and rejuvenation. This article aims to briefly inform you on both of these newer lip fillers while providing you a comparison of Restylane Silk vs Juvederm Volbella, so you can work with us to determine which filler is best for your needs.

Lip Enhancement Options in Indianapolis

Full, plump lips express youthfulness and provide facial symmetry. However, lip fullness depends on age and genetics — some people lose their lip fullness over time to lines and wrinkles, while others were born with thin lips or asymmetrical lips. Fortunately, the lips can be restored to a more youthful appearance with the use of non-surgical lip enhancement with dermal fillers. Although the results of these treatments are temporary, they will give your lips the boost you desire for several months, and sometimes even up to one year. Unlike lip implants, dermal fillers will not change the “feel” of your lips in any way, and they are completely unobtrusive. Dermal filler options in our Indianapolis dermatology practice include Restylane Silk, Juvederm Volbella, and the original Juvederm and Restylane fillers.

Restylane Silk vs Juvederm Volbella

The entire Restylane line of hyaluronic acid fillers is useful to restore facial volume and provide facial symmetry. The original Restylane is also used for lip enhancement, but also for other areas of the face. Restylane is a clear gel that is specially designed to behave like the hyaluronic acid naturally produced by the body. As natural hyaluronic acid breaks down as we age, the filler restores this lost volume. The filler is used to correct facial wrinkles and folds in the face that are caused by the aging process. Both Restylane and Restylane Silk are approved by the FDA for lip enhancement for those over 21 years of age, though Restylane Silk is a smoother formula that provides patients with softer results than the original Restylane.

The Juvederm line of hyaluronic acid fillers, from the makers of Botox, is the number one best-selling collection of hyaluronic acid fillers in the United States. The different products in the Juvederm line all add volume to a specific portion of the face, including the cheeks and the lips. Juvederm Volbella uses a modified form of hyaluronic acid in its gel formulas. The specially formulated hyaluronic acid used in Juvederm Volbella makes it easier to inject for superior comfort during the injection process. Juvederm Volbella also contains lidocaine to make the injection process as painless as possible.

Restylane Silk for Lip Enhancement

restylane silk for lip enhancement
Individual results may vary from person to person.

As signified by the name, Restylane Silk is designed to give you silky, natural-looking lips. Restylane Silk is the very first product to be approved by the FDA that is specifically designed for lip enhancement and smoothing the wrinkles found around the mouth. The lips and lines around the mouth are some of the first areas to show aging. Common signs include vertical lines above the lips, thinning, and lost definition. Restylane Silk is specially formulated to achieve stellar results in the lip area by using smaller, more refined hyaluronic particles than other Restylane products.

The New Juvederm Volbella for Lip Enhancement

The recently FDA approved Juvederm Volbella helps add definition to the lines of the lips. Combined with lidocaine, it is the latest advancement in the Juvederm line of facial fillers and is specifically developed for the lip and mouth area. Your dermatologist will painlessly inject it using an ultra-fine needle or tiny cannula in and around the lips. The hyaluronic acid gel will fill in lip lines and wrinkles to attract moisture for results lasting up to a year, longer than any other dermal filler indicated for lip enhancement. Because Juvederm Volbella includes the local anesthetic lidocaine, the treatment experience is much more comfortable.

Explore Your Lip Enhancement Options in Indianapolis at the LASSI

If you or someone you know is seeking a solution to thin, asymmetrical, or aging lips, consider a visit to the LASSI in Indianapolis. Dr. C. William Hanke is well known in the field of dermatologic surgery for his knowledge and expertise in cosmetic dermatology treatments. The LASSI is committed to providing the best possible care to those who visit us. Give us a call today or use our online form to contact us to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you become more confident about your appearance. You’ll be glad you did!