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Liposuction Myths Debunked

Of all the cosmetic treatments available today, it’s quite possible that liposuction gets the most negative press attention. Prevailing ideas about liposuction that stem from its original use in the 1970s, media misinformation, and poorly executed surgeries by providers who aren’t properly trained or licensed for liposuction help keep these liposuction myths alive and kicking. The truth is, however, that liposuction isn’t the cosmetic bad guy most people believe it is. Use this quick list of liposuction myths as the first step to learning the truth about liposuction, and contact our team to find out more about liposuction and if it’s right for you.

Top 5 Liposuction Myths Debunked

Is liposuction just weight loss for lazy people? Doesn’t the fat just come back? Is liposuction dangerous? These are all questions we’ve heard over the years, and the short answer to all of these is, “No.” Get the details on the top liposuction myths below.

Liposuction Myth #1: Liposuction Will Help You Lose Weight

One of the most common liposuction myths is that it’s used as a weight loss tool. The reality, however, is that liposuction is designed to contour stubborn problem areas that a healthy diet and consistent exercise failed to correct. These stubborn pockets of fat are often genetic, so no amount of dieting or exercise will ever correct them. Liposuction can, however.

Liposuction Myth #2: You’re Too Old for Liposuction

Surgery and advanced age are often concerns primarily because of the dangers of general anesthesia. General anesthesia, which is when the anesthesia drug puts you to sleep for your treatment, is often the most dangerous part of any surgery, no matter your age. With local tumescent anesthesia, however, liposuction is much safer as patients are fully awake during the treatment. As long as you are healthy, your dermatologic surgeon will likely approve you for Tumescent Liposuction. Your surgeon may also recommend surgical or non-surgical skin tightening to complement your liposuction treatment, however, as aging reduces the skin’s ability to “bounce back” after weight loss or liposuction. It’s important to have realistic expectations regarding the treatment’s results.

Liposuction Myth #3: Liposuction is Just for Women

While women seek liposuction more frequently, men are increasingly requesting body contouring procedures. Like women, some men have stubborn fat deposits on their bodies. These trouble areas for men are usually around the abdomen or chest. “Love handles” can be a persistent problem for men regardless of their exercise routine or diet.

Liposuction Myth #4: Liposuction Will Get Rid of Your Cellulite

We wish that liposuction could be a cure-all for a body fat, but unfortunately, liposuction as a cellulite treatment is another of the most common liposuction myths. While cellulite is partially caused by fat deposits beneath the skin, it’s a unique problem with a specific solution that liposuction alone cannot address. However, we also urge you to be very wary of topical cellulite treatments. They just don’t work!

Liposuction Myth #5: The Fat Will Come Back

Did you know that you do not produce new fat cells when you gain weight? Weight gain is caused by the expansion of existing fat cells. If you feed them, they will grow, but they will not reproduce. With fewer fat cells, your body has less opportunity to increase in size. Liposuction removes excess fat deposits, which means that once they are gone, they are gone for good.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot gain weight after liposuction, which is another one of the common liposuction myths. Your remaining fat cells can expand and cause you to gain weight again, so it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle following your treatment.

Looking for Liposuction in Indianapolis?

tumescent liposuction results
Individual results may vary from person to person.

Liposuction gets rid of the persistent, unwanted fat that you’ve tried time and again to tone away by embracing a healthy diet and regular exercise. Liposuction can remove the stubborn fat on your belly, thighs, hips, back and buttocks. The treatment can even eliminate fat around your face and neck as well as your knees.

Dr. C. William Hanke of the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana is a renowned liposuction expert in Indianapolis who has lectured and trained countless physicians worldwide and contributed to numerous publications on the use of tumescent anesthesia in liposuction. In our Indianapolis dermatologic surgery center, we offer Tumescent Liposuction to patients for surgical removal of stubborn, unwanted fat. We also now offer Kybella for non-surgical double chin reduction and CoolSculpting for non-surgical fat freezing and elimination to patients who aren’t good candidates for surgical procedures or prefer a non-surgical approach.

To find out what fat reduction treatments are right for your needs, contact our team of experts at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana, located just north of Indianapolis in Carmel. We look forward to meeting you!