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How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost in Indianapolis?

It can be difficult to achieve the body you want through diet and exercise alone. Stubborn diet- and exercise-resistant fat cells can resist your efforts, resulting in excess bulging in the most undesirable places.  CoolSculpting is a revolutionary procedure that is proven to effectively destroy and eliminate fat cells through a series of safe and quick applications. No surgery and no downtime is associated with this treatment, and the results are evident in before and after photos. We know you’re sold on the treatment itself, but what about the price? How much does CoolSculpting cost and is it worth the investment?

In this article, we’ll go over CoolSculpting cost and how we determine the price based on your goals. We aim to answer the following questions:

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

CoolSculpting is done through multiple sessions. During these sessions, your provider will use a CoolSculpting applicator to deliver controlled cooling to targeted areas. This will freeze and kill fat cells. In the weeks to follow, your body will naturally process and eliminate the dead cells, leaving you with a leaner and more sculpted body.

Because of the need for multiple treatments, CoolSculpting cost is determined by the number of applications you will require to reach the desired outcome. When you decide on professional body sculpting, you’ll sit down with one of our providers to create a treatment plan that fits your needs.

Another factor in CoolSculpting cost is the providers that you choose. While you may be inclined to go for the lowest prices, practices with experience and proven results offer unmatched value. Choosing a practice with board-certified dermatologic surgeons on staff who are experts in surgical and non-surgical body contouring, anatomy, and fat reduction is essential to ensuring the best results. This procedure may be non-surgical, but even non-surgical procedures can end with poor results.

coolsculpting before and after
*individual results will vary from person to person.

Why CoolSculpting Cost is Sometimes Much Lower in Other Practices

While researching providers for CoolSculpting in Indianapolis, it can be tempting to go with a low-cost medical spa. However, low prices often mean low-quality work. Practices with little experience or training often target individuals looking for fat loss solutions, enticing them with low prices but often leaving them with zero — or even botched — results.

Make sure you start off your treatment right by finding an expert with proven experience. The right practice, such as a dermatologic surgery clinic, will be sure to listen to your needs, devise an effective treatment plan, and deliver slimming results you’re sure to love.

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost for Each Treatment Area?

coolsculpting results
Individual results will vary from person to person.

CoolSculpting’s cryolipolysis technology targets the specific area of the body where you want to reduce stubborn fat cells. Popular FDA-approved CoolSculpting treatment areas include:

  • Flanks (love handles)
  • Thighs (both inner and outer)
  • Abdomen
  • Upper Arms
  • Double Chin (submental fullness, or double chin fat)
  • Back & Bra Area
  • Banana Roll (beneath the buttocks)

Once you’ve decided where you want to remove stubborn fat, you’ll work with one of our LASSI Skin providers to devise a specialized and personalized CoolSculpting treatment plan that caters to your body and needs. Since treatment is nearly identical for each area of the body, CoolSculpting cost is factored by the number of treatment applications you’ll need and not the treatment area itself. The more applications needed, the higher the CoolSculpting cost. CoolSculpting results can be seen in as few as 1-3 applications per area; however, some patients require more applications to achieve their goals.

Why Choose the LASSI for CoolSculpting in Indianapolis?

Dr. C. William Hanke, a board-certified dermatologic surgeon, has a reputation around the world for his excellent work in liposuction and body contouring. Before he founded the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana, he served as Professor of Dermatology, among other positions, at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He is considered a true leader in the field, even teaching other surgeons techniques for body sculpting and tumescent liposuction.

With Dr. Hanke at its helm, the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana has become known as a premier practice for a variety of body sculpting treatments. If you’re searching for an aesthetic practice that offers safe and effective CoolSculpting, the LASSI is equipped with a team of professionals waiting to satisfy your needs.

Looking for even better results? LASSI Skin also offers Z-Wave treatments, which uses shockwaves to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. When used in conjunction with CoolSculpting, Z-Wave cellulite reduction treatments can provide quicker, more satisfying results by breaking up the frozen fat cells immediately following treatment.

Schedule a Consultation for CoolSculpting in Indianapolis

When you’re ready to get rid of stubborn fat, don’t settle for a medical spa with little-to-no experience or knowledge. The Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana and LASSI Skin are known for high-quality care and expertise in both surgical and non-surgical body contouring. Why go anywhere else? Contact us to schedule a consultation and we’ll give you a quote for CoolSculpting cost based on your individual needs.